Waxed Floors

Exceptional Wood flooring


Waxed Floors was founded back in spring 2004 as a one-man business and has since flourished into a thriving wood flooring company with a great reputation for quality and exceptional flooring.

Waxed Floors customers benefit from the most exceptional floors sourced from across Europe. Each country uses individual techniques for production and surface treatment, which means that our wide range satisfies all design tastes and budgets with wood supplied from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland and the UK.

The variety across Waxed Floors’ catalogue enables us to provide the perfect solution to homeowners, architects and developers alike, and includes the best quality solid, engineered and reclaimed planks, as well as bespoke parquet floors.

We are experts in elegant, natural finishes which penetrate the wood and protect the surface from the inside. In stark contrast to the more commonly used parquet seals and lacquers – which form a plastic like film on top of the wood – our finishes maintain the natural warmth and liveliness of the material, making it beautiful, durable, and resistant to wear.

Our floor collection