Our factory pre-oiled floors are finished with WOCA oils. The boards are brushed and oiled, left to air dry for eight hours and oiled again until the pores are saturated.

The system is incredibly hard wearing and suitable for the most demanding areas. It is crucial that you use the WOCA soap for regular maintenance. The floor will take on an even matt finish.


Where customers prefer a satin finish with a light sheen, we apply 2-3 coats of OSMO hardwax oil. We also recommend this finish for kitchens and bathrooms as the waxes provide additional protection against dirt and water.

For daily maintenance use the OSMO Wash & Care – in our opinion the best smelling wood floor soap on the market.

In comparison to lacquered floors, which have to be re-sanded when the seal is worn out, oiled floors will not require re-sanding.

For daily cleaning, floors can be dusted, vacuumed and/or wet mopped. On completion of your floor, we provide you with a maintenance sheet so you know exactly what products to use for cleaning and maintenance.

After 2-5 years (subject to traffic volume and type of use) the floor can be buffed and, with a single application of fresh oil, restored to its original condition.

We usually work with one of two oil systems – WOCA and OSMO – depending on which is most appropriate to your requirements.